Red signal and that mother

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Riding on the red signa, he was very annoyed by the windows inside the glass looked out Mita. Eight years later, he returned home from Australia today. Come to the wedding of her elder sister’s daughter. The mood of the elder sister is very bad to read in the traffic jam from time to time to go to the house of a big sister. The beggar and the hawkera hurts on it again.


He told her that he would not be able to come up with a surprise. So no one came to receive them at the airport. Mita Hassabed Mehdi did not really come to work. But the mother and the mother sent the right one.

Suddenly eight or nine-year-old daughter suddenly flipped through the window of the glass and saw a woman selling her flowers. He quickly pulled down the window glass and called him by hand.


— Aunty buy flowers?


The girl came forward in the face of smile and said.


Mita put her hand on the head with a pampering with a garland from her hand. Then he gave five thousand pieces of notes of one thousand rupees to the little girl in the hands of the newly released dollars from the bag. In the meantime, the green signal left Mita’s car.


Whole seller did not see the money in the hands of the wholesaler girl. And this unknown unknown aunt gave empty money so empty! The girl looked astonished as she looked at a beautiful aunt’s moving car … and started thinking – it was a dream or a real! If it was real, then this aunty was a man, or a fairy !! Then he began to calculate that his dreams would be filled with money, buying drugs for mother, buying new clothes for his younger brother … thousands of dreams began to rot in his head … suddenly he noticed, in his eyes His shirt is weting … He has realized why people have so much joy in their eyes!


After leaving the wholesaler girl, the car came forward for a while, sleeping next to her, Mita was sleeping beside her only daughter-eight year old Mou caught in chest. He started thinking that if he did not adopt the youngest daughter of five daughters from Salehah Banu, eight years back, then perhaps his ‘Satya Raja’s treasure’ Mou Sonamini had to give two nuts to do such a work today. Thinking about this, the climates of salt water came down from the eyes of Mita. She kept holding the mouth more tightly in the chest and she kept it in the chest. Mitha thought that if the stopping of the hand is loose, then someone else would come away and take away the beak from him and go away somewhere.


Moe was not surprised at the strange behavior of Mother. Because, from that childhood, suddenly he was accustomed to eat such a lovely pompous love of his mother. So suddenly, why did the mother hug her and adore her, without questioning her, she also embraced her deep love. And thanked God, thanking him – to send him to a world of good and compassionate mother.



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