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A boy in the messenger asked for a message, believe, how are you?

I responded very naturally, I’m fine.

When I answered my normal ‘good’ answer, the boy was abnormally angry. After typing half an hour, she gave birth to a huge message and sent me a message. The essence of which is to become so much in the country – how can a man be better even after murder, public anger, increase in gas prices, additional VAT on sanitary napkins, a state without justice, etc. on the basis of soposexual? The boy proved to be logic – humanity in me is extinct, according to Darwin’s conclusions, I have not yet become a human.

It was unimaginable to say that I was bowled by the boy’s finest yorker, to say a little ‘good’, that I would be let down from man to the monkeys. Curiously, I got to the profile of this rebel boy. Yesterday he went to Swiminggun in the area along with his friends and swept the DSLR camera together with all the pictures of the Bishop together with the captions – a great time spent.

It was good to see the Revolutionary young man spend some good time.
People are just superb actors Everyone knows the rugged act. The boy who is in the university, whose semester result was not good, ate rice by eating five pounds of vegetables and free pulses, when his father called him and asked him- ‘How are you?’, He also plays, says, ‘I am fine.
In a story of Shahaduzzaman, an army soldier woke up and saw a wonderful butterfly on his boot. This morning I got up and went to the washroom and saw a terrible beautiful butterfly sitting on a comod like a story.

In Rabindranath’s song, it is said that the damage to the wound as much as The country’s failure to increase the wounds in the minds of the citizens. It is a matter of understanding why the government can not understand why it is the government’s loss for the government.
Around half an adult man is at the side of the Shilpakala academy, sometimes smoking cigarettes with him. He is in big concern about the incident of public murder that happened some days ago. He said a lot of thinking, letting iron out of Dash, if there is no iron, no one will be able to make chapati, Kopakupi’s day is over.

I said, your head is worse than before, grandfather
He said, “Come on, let’s get worse after two days.” Crazy dash

Many people are trying their best to do something beautiful. Many people redeemed by socializing with a lot of fun. Many people believe that many people believe that all the issues related to the country (social and political) writers should be written by the poet columnist and if no one writes it, then he is thrown out of the cancellation, it is said that the name of the government ‘
Not only is the author a poet, any person can wake up in the morning to see the cloudy sky – ‘Wow, today’s morning is wonderful’. Even after reading the news of rape and murder of the magazine, she might feel that the morning is beautiful. A poet can write a poem about a beautiful morning without writing murder, this freedom is there.

We played and forgot the sorrow for the cheap. In so much chaos, I have come up with today’s Bangladesh-India cricket match, how many calculations- whether I can go to the semi-finals!

This morning I heard that the boy named ‘Nayan’ was killed in a friendly war.

Let me tell you a story of the favorite superhero Batman to tell me about this.

Batman has banned his evergreen joker. Joker has been kept in arakum asylum Batman went to prison to see Joker. Joker asked Batman – why have I killed so many people, why do not you kill me? You can kill me if you want.

Batman said, if the murderer has to be killed, then the murderer’s number is the same.


Favorite singer Kabir Suman has to face many times in the face of trouble. Many of his songs or his words did not make much of a sense of humor. In an interview given to Suman Anjan Dutta, know the dense, I do not feel afraid to die, but I am afraid to eat it, it feels so much!

We are afraid to write, afraid to say, I am scared to see. The maximum failure of the state to keep the citizen in this fear.

This beautiful country is very polluted in our country. The beauty of the country loses to the failure of the country, as the beauty of the butterfly goes to the disadvantage of the toilet.

-Walid suffixes

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