Story: “Cultural”

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The gentleman was once considered quite fair. The hairy hands came out of the hands of the Punjabi shirt. Friday. Jumma has finished the prayer. Head cap. Washing my hands from the basin and sitting in the chair facing me. It was a surprise. The row table was empty. Even though I sat on my table.


In the rice hotels there is no place for til after twelve noon. After one group has eaten, the waiters occupy another place without scratching the table.


The busy people are more crowded in the middle-class hotel to make petpujju. Fairly clean environment, there is no garbage in the corner of the plate, the fan is rotating on the head. There will not be any one to look back at Tehri bone chewing gum. There is no time for anyone, they come to eat. Nobody cares about the quality of food. The tongue in hungry condition, which is tasted by tasting it. The old man does not feel like the people of Qatar. Eyes and mouth are cool He put his head in the pocket and sat down in the pocket.


What’s the name?

-Why did you ask me?

-Yes you

I got bored. In the absence of a gray print on the beard, the Bengalis start thinking of themselves as a young man. Even younger than he is unknown, yet he does not hesitate to make you


– My name is Milon. Good name Rajiv Sarkar

– And well. Where are you?


Where’s the home?

-Tangail.You did it? Are fathers?

I did not do it. Parents are living in the country.


The elderly began to evaluate me in the corner of the eye. To hide himself from his extra curiosity, he started foxing out of the phone.


The waiter is real. The gentleman ordered, rice, pulses, brinjal, curla vadhi, chital fish. I ordered Half Plate Biryani and started waiting.


-Have you run in Hieri Biryani? We would have killed two plates at one place in your age.

I can not eat it.

I understand your health. Haugh smiled, as if funny jokes.

What do you do?


What the hell!


My son also has this money. Haramadada! Studied so hard, I could not get up to a good job. Reetan is better trapped in my brother’s house. You are ashamed to speak in the eyes of someone. Did not you try to do anything else?


-Have done But uncle and uncle were not stressed. Father is a grocery shopkeeper. We do not have to get jobs by spending huge money.


-That’s right, Dad. I was a librarian. Somehow I intercepted the boy and said, eating the lad, eating the meal Arnas has passed a tuition by itself. Chakri has added. Income is not bad but it is too much to be done. That morning it was 10-11pm to return.


I suffered from it. It is time to run on a bike with a bike.

The food is very hungry. The eggplant was filled with roasted milk. I laughed with shame in my eyes,


What do you say to my son’s age I have been invited from the house and invited to one place. Booma


Gift bought five hundred taka for the purchase. She went to the hotel to buy money. The face was flushed to eat tetapella and pangas fish to eat fish.


– The uncle said, son’s good income.


He laughs.


-What is the wife in the house and her own son is the father of her father. Cost a lot Cut fish from the market. The fish booma cut into small pieces and cut into smaller pieces. Breakfast of the day – Aluvaaji The eggs are poisoned for grandchildren. I certainly do not blame the boy in this. All other boys would send home to the village. If his mother wants to go, the boy is rather angry. Say,

– If you look back at your home, you get to sleep in peace.

This or some of them!


Fish came Seeing the huge crust of fish, uncle’s eyes glowed.

What? Peace is also seen in such a fish. Eat a little?


-No uncle uncle. You eat.


Uncle took more rice.


-After marrying your aunt, I got into a lot of trouble. A young girl. I do not know how to cut the meat. Egg Bhaji and Dals were filled with devotion to eat. On the day of the day I went out with your aunt. Then there was no jam in Dhaka city. Sadin visited the rickshaw. I went to lunch at the restaurant. Runa house rice at the same time is equivalent to spinach. I was amazed to eat his rice on that day. He bowed down and said,


Even the daughter of Bhati land. Without rice, rice can not eat.


Since then, I have never marketed except fish. If I had big fish, I would have been sitting in the bay. And penguas do not eat fish. Bamma oozes eggs on the day when the pans fish are cooked in the house.

-Catchy could really do it.


The waist bone has gone down.


The uncle took more rice with pulses. Cheetah fish was not broken. Eat comfortably after eating.


I was eaten. Washing my hands from the basin, I saw the uncle looked at this side and pulled it out of the pockets of Pansabira small Tiffin carrier carefully kept the fish patta. When I saw Savaj smiled,


Your aunt catches a lot of fish.


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