Little boy Bablu

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I did not meet with Bablu again. I saw the last one on my campus. He also sold cigarettes. I met him with a lot of cakatali. Then came to the new campus. I do not know anything. I will go to school in 10th. I have just left the hall, suddenly Seeing where one little boy ran and started to pull me out of the apprentice. The new ones went to the class with a beautiful laundry, Someone is afraid of the madam and to impersonate the beautiful girl. I am not an exception. So the head became hot in her tantani. I grabbed her hand and pushed one rum with a ram. I got her face in the right place. I got it right when I flew it properly. I did not understand. I realized that the boy was very young. He had a dirty red shirt and blue hood pants on him. I was very scared. I did not do that right. I did not know what happened. I was not ready to listen to what I said. Sir, there is a guy lying there, no one is watching. Many insects on the person. Sir, watching the club. I see him A man was left behind. There is a man lying there, almost naked. The insects have taken hold. The book is still a gentle way to see that it is still alive. It is astonished that many people around the patient, There is no response. All are busy with everyone. But this little boy found me right through the eyes of everyone. There was no reason to think so. What am I thinking, because the patient’s condition is very bad. I’ll call a big brother, luckily see him later. I was standing in a senior professor, Sir Outdoor. I went to my sir and told me where to call the sarai all the way. The person is admitted. I almost forgot the kid next to me dammranobalalama gechitakaya see this yet What is your name?

-Sir my name is Bablu

-Hum beautiful name is !!

-Sur thanks (amitro astonished, this boy gives thanks so much !!!!)

I was feeling like listening to this sir sir. I mean that I am a student here, tell me brother.

-Ichcha Bro

-Do you see?

Tooth came out and said, ‘I am crying to the pass. Now I have given up.’ He replied, as if all the studies were finished, so excluded.

Where’s the one thing?


You’re a lot of good people.

-That’s it at lunch?

-Nah ..

I used to eat food together at noon. I told you that you would give me food. Even so, I believe,

I do not have much money for him, he said, thinking that I want to do something, give me something.

I was really surprised to see the courage of the boy. Come on, come on.

In front of our college there is a unique hotel named Mollah Biryani House. I entered the place as desired, I am afraid to see that. I am looking at her face. I said Rs 120. Plate. Look, her face is black, what is that? What black I see her happy lava in her mouth. Biryani is real. Seeing her eyes shining. How long have she not seen it. Playing with fun. Look like a look. I just saw her eating. I do not have any food. I also eat it. I did not take anything. I gave it a lot. When I gave the bill, I was so surprised. I have given this bill for that. During the wedding, he said, “You eat something, I eat. I used to laugh, let me eat tea. We sat in the Sher-e-Bangla lane I also did the tea. I also gave the bill. Then I did not forget that I went to say it again and again.

Then we have seen a few more days. The idea has been made. We have learned about it. It also remains with a long distance of the relation. The character of the game is similar to the Begum. It is also worth counting, buy cigarettes, sell it in the sun, and in the whole of the night Money takes the aunt. 5 does not give him money. He told us one day that brother did not pay me a single day on Vijay Day, I saved a lot of money by saving 5 During the influence of bread in exchange for kheyechioke syndrome ditaami bojhatama him, one day, everything changes habeekadina I wish the money to pay habeoke karatakintu I had the money.

After a few days he came running one day and said, his mother should go to a lot of sick, Meherpur. He is coming to meet. If he does not return then. I gave him some money in his hand. I will not take anything. I gave him a lot. Actually, I do not mind saying a thing. Never eat cigarettes. Do not eat cigarettes. It is very bad. I said, sell it for my stomach. One day I will sell good things. I’ll give a big shop.

That’s my last meeting with him, last word. And I have never seen him on this campus. The truth did not return to Dhaka.

Suddenly the phone comes from a stranger number. The loud voice surrounding

– Did you know?


I’m sorry. I did not get hurt.

-What’s the news?

There are many things. They have now got a laundry shop in the area. They help their father in the shop. The school has been admitted in the school. The clock throws. It was very good. It is not earthly or unthankful. Little is it that Bhai Mullah’s Biriyani has not forgotten. I will laugh. I said laughing, I am sitting with hunger, income will eat you stomach.

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