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We are pressing home to get married. But no work is done. On that day I said to my mother, Phagunese phaguneera many a lot. Not too old. Ekasu Ekka!


When to marry ?! Mother said – will you drop all the teeth with a scrape ?! Have been married, married ?!


I said that Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore gave the title of most of his poems to Kadambwari Devi. I also write poem poems. But I do not get people to deliver. So I thought I would give poetry in the name of marriage!


If you do not have a wife, then there is no speed in writing. Many big writers wrote in the role of their book written – If it was not beside it could not have been written for me!


Francis Bacon, a prominent English philosopher, says – The wife is the young man’s master. Middle-aged mates And the elderly nurse.


Famous philosopher Socrates said – Marry exactly. If you get a good life partner, then you will be happy. And if it is different (that means the bride is a doodle) then you will be a philosopher!

Who knows whether my mother talks about seriously! Maybe not heard! People do not like to listen to their opinions!

So he said again – bigger. Then get married!


Then, in my Kanakan, in the Kanakan, Sunil Gangopadhyay’s famous poem “did not keep anybody in mind” began to recite – “Nader Ali, how big would I be? If you touched the roof of the house on my head, would you marry me ?!

(A little distortion occurred in poetry)


The day goes on. The night comes. When the deep night is deeper, when surrounded by the strange silence of nature, surrounded by my hapitheesh. That night, a bad lightning suddenly went away. Fuzzy hot around. Sweating like a whistle like the cockroach. I shouted, ‘If there is a wife next to me today, I would not have had this sad result. Mother said from the room next door – What is your?


I said – so hot. There is no air for the wind. If you were a wife, then you would wind! Who will wind now ?!


Mom got up from the bed and started to wind the fan. In the meantime, I think that in the wind of the wind, who has bitten the skin in my body! What a weird nature It is willing to air itself. Still do not marry! What to do! Went to sleep

The next day friend Rafat advised – do one thing. The importance of marriage and the importance of marriage are the most famous of the hujurus, all downloaded on your phone! May be working!

It is not unusual for Waz to hear the idea of ​​marrying a son!


But the trouble is elsewhere!


All the speakers will serve the mother-in-law just how the wife will serve. The mother complained to these wajes and said, “I can walk still.” I’m pretty good too Do not need your wife’s service!


I said – Actually the modern era is going on. Modernity and progress in everything. Everything else, including cooking, needs to be modern. But your cooking recipe is old. There is no touch of modern cooking. So I need a wife. Wife will cook modern.


Mother said, your wife would cook or not? Where to learn modern cooking?


I said – Good recipes for cooking on YouTube are available. Madani girls learn to cook them.


Then I also saw cooking recipes.


I went to YouTube and searched the search option “How to cook chicken meat” by searching. Many videos came. I went out by seeing an open mother.


In the evening I was sitting in the house with fire in my anger. Seeing me angry at me, he said, this is your recipe for modern cooking ?! Rogue! Income! You eat modern cooking! The cooked chicken meat pushed me towards this. I went to the tubewell to walk walk with the face of meat. The sweat is as hot as it is, not so much as it is.

I told my mother how to cook?


Mother said – In the video, pepper spices were all asking to make one table spoon. I put one spoon on the table with a spoon. I think modern cooking may be such!


I lost consciousness. That table was the spoon of that rice!

From now on, never get the name of marriage!

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