That german man!

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Sometimes I write in several regional newspapers in the city I live in. Although I do not like the Germans, they like my jokes quite well.


On that day I saw in a newspaper, a composition competition on any political subject.


When I was writing, suddenly I thought that I have a writing about this. I started to find the manuscript. One hour, I could not find anywhere for two hours.


My wife said to me, you are looking for a needle in a hay, and do not write it again.


I said that the writing was fun, and my patience is also very big like the Pacific Ocean, and my patience is as big as the Pacific Ocean. I found it for an hour.


Immediately sent me to the magazine office.


Four days later, the letter box opened, and congratulations and a bigger check.


The reader will tell you whether you are showing the heat of the euro or by giving it your story that your story has been first in the competition!


No, neither of them is anything.


I just want to tell you to be patient. As a result of meats.


Do you know, there is a similarity between Shahbagh’s booth, Kamalapur railway station and the goods delivery section of the airport?


One word is “patience”. Stuck in the streets – patience, going to pay the bills to the bank – patience, love somebody – even patience Life is not without patience? No


If you get caught up on the traffic congestion, you will be fooling yourself. Take a breathing very long, then breathe slowly. Please do it three times afterwards. Looks good.

Sitting in the doctor’s chamber. Hours are going on. You have become impatient. Change your location. Take a walk, think of something else.


Do not take your favorite author’s book along. I always apply this technique when I wait for someone in the airport.


Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Patience is full of thorns in the branches, but the fruits are very tasty.”


Do not be frustrated, do not be frustrated, will give the patient patience to drink every day. The world will see the other. Use it with other people, which you hope for yourself from others. He could not bear it.


The name of Persian Muslim philosopher Imam Ghazali (RH) was spread all over the world. He lived only 53 years (1058-1111).


He said a very nice one:


“Those who look for seashells will find seashells; who they are found pearls. ”


(Those who look for the oysters will get oysters, and those who open the oysters, they will get pearls)


So the reader, at least be patient so that you can get pearls.

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